Friday, April 25, 2014

About Flenniken Enterprises

Keith Flenniken is the owner of Flenniken Enterprises, a real estate business that encompasses commercial, single family and multi-family homes. Keith Flenniken completed his MBA from Boston College, gaining a number of useful skills he has used to fuel his success as an entrepreneur. Flenniken Enterprises boasts a diverse portfolio of properties throughout New Hampshire, which feature new appliances, up to date amenities, and modern renovations. Some of Keith Flenniken’s properties include:

Residential Properties

30 Coburn Street, Salem, NH

This property has five-buildings, consisting of one two-family unit and four single-family homes.

613 Maple Street, Hopkinton, NH
This single family property has three bedrooms and spans 1500 square feet.

57 West Broadway, Derry, NH
One two bedroom unit and one three bedroom unit make up this two family building.

15 Mt. Pleasant Street, Derry, NHThis is a duplex containing two three-bedroom units.

12 Gordon Street, Ashland, NH
Each of the three units on this property have two bedrooms.

29 High Street, Derry, NH
One two-bedroom unit and one four-bedroom unit make up this multi-family property.

26-28 High Street, Hillsborough, NH
This four-unit property includes two single bedroom units and a pair of two bedrooms units.

31 Maple Street, Hopkinton, NH
This property consists of five residential units.

547 West Broadway, Derry, NH
The property offers a single two-family three bedroom unit.

4 School Street, Hudson, NH
This two family building features two units with three bedrooms each.

Commercial Properties
Located at 203 Londonberry Turnpike in Hooksett, New Hampshire is Flenniken Enterprises lone commercial property. The property contains four commercial spaces that host one small business and a few major national tenants including Enterprise Rent a Car and Safelite. Currently, the property has one vacant unit. Keith Flenniken urges interested parties to contact him today.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

About Keith Flenniken

Construction underway for a property Keith Flenniken owns,
29 High Street, Unit 1, in Derry
Flenniken Enterprises is a successful real estate business based out of Hopkinton, New Hampshire. Founder Keith Flenniken draws on certain skills he has picked up throughout the years to successfully run his business. Growing up, he learned dedication, ambition, and teamwork from his athletic experiences. In addition, he boasts an impressive educational background that allowed him to create a thriving business.

After high school, Keith Flenniken entered the prestigious pharmacy program at the University of Rhode Island (URI). He graduated in 1993 from this nationally ranked six year program and then spent 20 years in the field as a retail pharmacist. In 2001, he joined thousands of undergraduate students at Boston College (BC) to obtain his Masters in Business Administration (MBA). As BC’s MBA program is one of the top ranked programs in the world, it provided Keith Flenniken with the knowledge he needed to become a successful entrepreneur.

Keith Flenniken has built an impressive real estate portfolio since founding Flenniken Enterprises. His business owns both residential and real estate properties throughout New Hampshire. The commercial property features four profitable units that house one small business and two major tenants. One vacant unit is currently available for rent. His portfolio of residential properties consists of single family and multi-family homes, some of which include:

613 Maple Street, Hopkinton, NH
This 1500 square foot single family home has three bedrooms.

30 Coburn Street, Salem, NH
Four single family homes and a two family home make up this five building property.

547 West Broadway, Derry, NH
This two family property contains a pair of three bedroom units.

15 Mt. Pleasant Street, Derry, NH
There are two three-bedroom units in this duplex.

57 West Broadway, Derry, NH
This two family building provides two bedroom and three bedroom units.

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